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Google Search Ads Best Practices

Manisha Tolani is a bilingual diverse marketing leader with experience in building and managing integrated marketing strategy, data analysis, UX design, and event planning. She has worked for clients across various fields, including luxury, fashion, tech ventures, travel and hospitality, consumer brands, and social impact. As a marketing manager for a luxury duty-free store, she has maintained relationships with high-end brands such as David Yurman, Gucci, and Chanel, ensured brand guidelines were met and maximized all marketing programs. Manisha is also well-experienced in executing social media and digital advertising strategies, including Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.
Manisha Tolani

Google ads are paid search results that show up on Google’s search engine. When a user performs a search, they’ll see the top-ranking pages (based on SEO) plus several ad spots. Google ads are displayed at the very top of the page and they’re labeled “Ad.” While these ads do have the “Ad” label, they […]

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